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Our INAC partner Strategic Talent, located in Parques de la Herradura, specializes in executive search for top and middle management. As a holistic consulting firm, innovative solutions for talent acquisition, selection, development, retention are offered. With more than 15 years of experience in the Mexican market, Strategic Talent is the contact for executive recruitment in transformation and digitalization projects. The issue of diversity in general, as well as gender equality in particular, takes a central role in the work. Among other things, services are offered that exclusively address women. For example, the company specializes in talent mapping in the search for female talent. Another specialty includes the placement of older executives and specialists. The basic conviction and company philosophy is that neither gender, age nor origin are decisive for top performers, because talent is universal.


As INAC’s representative in Mexico, the company has an international presence in 36 countries.  With founder Ángeles Madrigal, Strategic Partner has a dedicated and creative leader who, with her experience in a variety of industries, is a true asset to our INAC network.

History of Mexico

Mexico has a long and complex history. Prior to the arrival of the Spanish, various indigenous peoples such as the Aztecs and Mayans resided in the area. The Spanish conquered Tenochtitlán in the 16th century and developed Mexico economically.

In the late 18th century, movements for independence and freedom from Spanish rule began, culminating in the Mexican War of Independence.

In 1910, the Mexican Revolution broke out, leading to the adoption of a new constitution in 1917. In the 1980s, Mexico was plagued by a debt crisis and economic recession that forced the country to implement drastic economic reforms.   With success, Mexico was one of the fastest growing economies in the world in the 1990s.

Since 2000, Mexico has had a democratic government and, despite economic development, continues to struggle with problems such as poverty, corruption and violence. At the same time, the country has a strong and proud culture that has played a significant role in shaping Latin American identity.


Mexico has a high level of cultural diversity that is proudly preserved and promoted. The rich and diverse culture is shaped by its long history. For example, the Maya and Aztecs have had a great influence on Mexican identity. Mexican culture is known for its vibrant art, dance and cuisine. Celebrations such as „Dia de los Muertos“ are colorful and life-affirming. Architecture and art also play an important role in Mexico’s culture. Overall, Mexican culture is unique and fascinating.


Mexico has a rich religious diversity based on a mixture of indigenous beliefs and the Roman Catholic faith. Although most people in Mexico are Catholic, a variety of indigenous religions and traditions are maintained. Mexico is a place of spiritual discovery and openness.


Mexico’s economy is also very diverse. Emphasis is placed on the production of automobiles, electronics, food, beverages, textiles and chemical products. Industry contributes about 25% of GDP, while the service sector accounts for about 63%. Agriculture is also an important economic factor, contributing about 3.8% to GDP.

The Mexican economy is strongly linked to the U.S. as an important trading partner and supplier. Mexico also has free trade agreements with numerous countries, including Canada, Europe and Asia.

Despite big economic and technological progress, poverty, unequal access to education, lack of health care, and high crime rates are major challenges. Despite all this, Mexico’s economy offers attractive opportunities for companies and investors.

Lothar Grünewald

Lothar Grünewald

Managing Director - Grünewald Consulting GmbH

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