An exciting European meeting in a professional and very familiar atmosphere took place from 29 to 30 September this year. More than 20 advisors from 15 countries participated in this year’s EMEA meeting. This time we met in Malmö, Sweden. As the German partner within INAC, our Managing Director Lothar Grünewald and Junior Consultant Tessa Trinh attended. As a special guest, we welcomed our Australian partner René Johnson from Melbourne.

In a very exciting interview format, all INAC partners reported on important developments affecting the framework conditions of the executive search market. An important key client of our Swedish partners and hosts, the global player Securitas, reported on the latest business developments and the related challenges for the HR sector in general and recruiting in particular. Among other things, the client reported on the currently widespread phenomenon of „ghosting“, in which initially very interested candidates suddenly abruptly end communication and the application process.

Another very exciting part was the panel discussion with four candidates (managers who were recently in the application process). They reported very openly about their expectations and experiences as candidates in the cooperation with headhunters. Above all, continuous and open communication and transparency were the most important expectations.

Last but not least, there was intensive discussion about a possible business exchange between the INAC partners and concrete initiatives were planned. A thoroughly constructive and fruitful meeting. Many thanks to INAC!

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